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You have played Freeman...
You have played Sheperd...
Hell you have even played G-Man...
But now take control of Barney Calhoun a High Level sercurity Guard.
As a member of the Black Mesa "Black Dogs" you have level 5 access to the base with your other team members.
You are working in the High Sercuirty Labs seeing aliens even Freeman did not no of!
You only take orders from 1 person, Gina of the HEV team.

After a long sleep Barney wakes up to go to work, when steping out from hius bedroom he sees the basic sites: Barneys doing press ups, scientists talking etc.

You head down the transit system to the High Level Labs and this leads you to your day of bad luck.

Barney Calhoun has been known to slip in and out of a dream like state this may lead to some clues of the problems at the base.

Barneys Dream includes:

*New Skins by Redfaction
*New Maps
*New skins
*New and old areas of Black Mesa and Xen
*And much more to come!

To: Mr B.Calhoun
From: The Office of the Adminstrater
C.C: Dr Rosenburg

Mr Calhoun,
After looking at the your emplyment file we have come to belive you would make a great Guard at the High Level Labs in Area 5.
You must report to Black Mesa processing for your new retnal scan pass.

In the high Level labs you may see creatures which look a little "Strange" but keep in mind that all these things must not be talked about any wre but the area 5 security section.

Report all breaches of contract to your sercurity leader: "Jeff O'Neil"

If you need any mre information contact Dr Rosenburg in the area 5 Teleporter Section level B.